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Crafting a Successful Online Store

Crafting a Successful Online Store

Crafting a Successful Online Store: Tips for Artists and Crafters Artists, crafters and designers have unprecedented opportunities to showcase and sell their creations to a global audience due to the digital era. An online store serves as your digital storefront,...

Learning New Art and Craft Skills

Learning New Art and Craft Skills

Embracing Creativity: The Importance of Learning New Art and Craft Skills The value of learning new art and craft skills cannot be overstated. This journey of creative exploration not only enhances our artistic abilities but also enriches our lives in myriad ways....

The Evolution of Landscape Painting

The Evolution of Landscape Painting

The Evolution of Landscape Painting: Tracing its History from the Renaissance to Modern Art Landscape painting, a genre focused on the depiction of natural scenery such as mountains, valleys, trees, rivers, and forests, has a rich and varied history. This art form has...

Love The Smell of Lavender? Make Your Own Soap.

Love The Smell of Lavender? Make Your Own Soap.

Creating homemade soap is a fulfilling and practical craft. This comprehensive guide will cover everything you need to know to make your own soap at home, including the materials and equipment required. As a highlight, we'll include a special recipe for a...

Introduction to Oil Painting

Introduction to Oil Painting

This brief introducion to oil painting will help set you on your way to a joyful creative experience. Get your oil paints out! Oil painting, an art form dating back to the 15th century, continues to captivate artists and art enthusiasts alike. This medium is...


What is Art?

Art is a complex and multifaceted concept that transcends a simple definition, as it encompasses a wide range of human activities and creations. At its core, art is an expression of human thought, emotion, and imagination, manifested through various mediums like painting, sculpture, music, literature, and dance. 

Art is not just what you see or hear but is also about the impact it has on the creator and the observer. It’s a reflection of humanity, a source of beauty, and a tool for communication that remains an integral part of our lives and societies.

We explore expression of style, thoughts, feelings, aesthetic, healing, therapy, colour and texture over various techniques and methods in these pages.


What is craft?

Craft refers to the activity of creating objects by hand, often with great skill and artistry, using traditional techniques and materials. It encompasses a wide range of practices and objects, each with its own history, cultural significance, and aesthetic value.

Favourite crafts of ours are:

  • Soap making
  • Candle making
  • Pottery
  • Jewelley making
  • Paper making
  • Paper crafts
  • Fibre crafts
  • Fabric crafts
  • Sewing & Embroidery

And all of the sub categories involved in each of these. 

design, graphic design


What is design?

Design is a multifaceted discipline that involves the creation of solutions that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. It is a process of envisioning and planning the creation of objects, systems, or interactions that aim to fulfill a particular purpose or address a specific problem. 

Every aspect of our life, has at some point, been designed. The chair you are sitting in was designed and the house that provides the roof over your head was designed., as well as every componenet of the car you drive. There is virtually no aspect of our modern lives that did not pass thorugh the hands of a designer at some stage!

Design skills we focus on are graphic design, interior design and the application of design theory to your arts and crafts proactices.

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